Sectors We Invest In

Mellanox Capital encourages the creation and development of future leading technologies. We focus on helping entrepreneurs scale from start-up to global corporation. We provide our technology expertise and access to our global network to get you to the next level. As a stage agnostic investor, we work with companies of virtually every size across a wide range of technologies. We invest in developers and providers of hardware, software, and services in the following sectors:

Enterprise and HPC Technologies - include data center, embedded, compute, storage, virtualization, cloud, big data and financial platforms

Software & Services - Disruptive technologies in support for the strategic objectives of Mellanox's Software & Service Group, including the databases, visual computing and open source

Physical layer, Manufacturing and Material Technologies - Materials, packaging, electronic design automation tools, disruptive memory technologies, and complementary chips to support Mellanox initiatives

Contact Info

Mellanox Capital
USA Office
350 Oakmead Parkway, Suite 100
Sunnyvale, CA 94085
Israel Yokneam Office
P.O. Box 586
Beit Mellanox, Yokneam, Israel
Zip Code 2069200

Nimrod Gindi
Managing Director
Tel: +972 74 723 6612
US Mobile: +1 (408) 750-4801
ISR Mobile: +972-545-940-201